2nd Annual Sparrow Camp

Discover the Beauty that is Sparrow Diversity and up your "LBJ" Game! 

February 22-24, 2019

Based at Habari Guest House, High Hope Ranch

Birding High Hope Ranch and Chalk Mountain Ranch, Glen Rose.

Registration includes all tours, lectures, handouts, meals, in-kind donations to TOS or your Audubon/Birding Chapter, snacks and an all-out great weekend birding with friends old and new. 
Maximize your birding time by staying at High Hope Ranch's guest houses.
2018 Ebird reports, Saturday field trip on High Hope and Sunday at Chalk Mountain Ranch
See links below for more information or contact Sandy Skrei,
stay@highhoperanch.com, office: 254-898-4296, cell: 512-554-7421

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