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Spanish Immersion

at our 2020 Taste of the Camino


Looking for an even richer Taste of the Camino? Join the Spanish immersion experience. Three experienced Spanish instructors will accompany you on your journey with carefully thought out lessons relevant to the Camino that will be spontaneously sewn into the fabric of the walk. Whether you are a beginner or already conversational, Biviana, Martha and Gigi will meet you where you are and take you to the next level.

You will spend as much time as you like with the “maestras” and the immersion group. That could include lodging, eating and walking together. ONLY Spanish will be spoken when the immersion group is together.   What better way to prepare for a trip to Spain or just improve your Spanish?

Minimum number of participants: 4

Maximum number of participants: 12.

Additional cost to Camino experience: $175

Las Maestras:

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Gigi Austin  (right, above) has been a language teacher for over twenty years and has taught every age range in a variety of settings. She holds M.A.s in both English and Spanish.  In 2013 she walked the full Camino de Santiago and was so thankful that she speaks Spanish because some of her most treasured memories came from interacting with the locals.




Martha Salazar N. (center, above) was born, raised and educated in Colombia. She has been giving private Spanish classes for 15 years and is passionate about helping others learn to communicate in a second language. She says, “When I began tutoring adults, I noticed that their knowledge of the grammar of the language was greater than their ability to speak it.” As a result, she developed a tutoring program based on communication. Her method empowers the student to express themselves with phrases from the very beginning.



Biviana Marin McAfee's education and journalism career in Colombia left in Biviana the habit of reflecting, forming an opinion and writing about what is happening in her surroundings. She has written articles for online magazines and local newspapers. Now she dedicates herself to teaching Spanish and writing a blog about the Spanish language and culture. She holds a Master’s degree in Spanish and is a bilingual teacher for Dallas ISD. (



          $175 per person for weekend (added to Camino registration)

Limited to 12 participants. (Instructor to student ratio max 1:4)

Contact Gigi at 540 354 2863 or with questions

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