Our sympatihies go out to our Sparrow Camp leaders who lost a brother and a friend, and will be attending the memorial service on the weekend we had scheduled Sparrow Camp 2019.  If you would like to pre-register for for February 2020 you can pay a small deposit now, and hold your place in line.  Pay a deposit now, and when we get the details for Sparrow Camp 2020, we'll send you a code to take $10 off the Early Bird Registration price.  If you have to cancel, we will use your funds to support the camp and increase our donation to Texas Ornithological Society!  If we have to cancel, we will of course return your funds. This is for the workshop only.

Workshop Deposit - hold Sparrow Camp 2020 early bird price

  • Join us for our Second Bi-Annual Sparrow Camp

    Led by Byron Stone, Randy Pinkston and Jeff Patterson, all Texas Sparrow Experts.

    Registration fee includes tours on two private ranches in a small group, all meals, snacks and lectures!

    You can reserve space to stay in one of High Hope Ranch's guest houses (rate includes the lodging and one registration, if you have a roommate, they need only register for the workshop), or stay in Glen Rose.

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