May 1-3, 2020.  


This weekend is designed to share what it is like on the Camino with an internal question or intention.  We gather at dinner, albergue style, and offer the chance to introduce ourselves, and talk about what draws you to the Camino (Spain's or ours!).


As you meet people from all over the world of many spiritual traditions, we also share dinner blessings in all the languages and religions present.  Registration includes all food, overnight accommodations in our Albergue (hostel), Peregrino Passport, Trail Cafes, guides on the trails, 'Albergue Taxis' and other goodies!  A large part of this gathering is to meet people who have walked the Camino, and can give advice, whether it be on when to go, or how to fit a back pack.


Our Friday night Albergue is at Fossil Rim's upgraded Wolf Ridge cabins with dinner served in their newly renovated and gorgeous Activity Center.  Saturday night's Albergue and dinner is at High Hope's Don Qu'an studio. 


This is a rain or shine weekend!


If you want an authentic feel for sleeping in the traditional pilgrim hostels, this registration packet is all you need!  Also, choose this option if you would prefer to pitch your own tent, or would like to bring an RV and don't need a hook-up for it. 


If privacy is more important to you, you can upgrade to one of our "Casas Locales" (guest houses), with a choice of rooms Habari, Kasa Casa and Habari.  Habari and Kasa Casa also have futons and couches.  You can look at the Guest Houses tab on our main website  to see each house, there are also pictures of the houses here in the 'store'. If you are sharing a room upgrade, it is a set fee for the weekend, not per guest, but everyone needs to register here!  Thank you and Buen Camino!



Registration - Taste of the Camino 2020


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