What to do about reserving a spot in May, when we don't know what travel will look like, or the world will look like next week?

We are committed to offering our Taste of the Camino, but also committed to everyone's health and safety.  We also invest a lot of time and energy looking forward to everyone being here.  In January, High Hope Ranch will move from being a private ranch into a non-profit conservancy center, this year is our proof-of-concept on how we can sustain ourselves (great timing, right?!?!?!).

Our cancellation policy for the Camino is this:

If we cancel because we haven't hit our minimum of 10 guests, 100%

If we HAVE to cancel because of quarantines, our team members are unavailable because they are sick, or we have had a guest here that becomes sick and we don't feel safe having you here, OR you get sick or know you have been exposed in the 14 days prioir to the start, 90% returnable, remaining 10% applied to next Camino you can attend.

This deposit let's us know how many people we can expect unless the unexpected happens!  Thank you for your understanding!


If you are interested in upgrading to one of our guest house bedrooms or futons, please let us know which upgrade you want, and we will try to hold it for you!  

Intentional Deposit - uncertain times, transferable


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