Hold your spot for Camino 2020! 

While we traditionally do this the last weekend in April, it looks like the last weekend will be Earth Day in 2020, so for now we will say it will either be April 24-26, or April "31-33"  aka May 1-3.

We will contact you to find out how and when you would like to finalize your reservation!  This also holds the Extra Early Bird price of $300 if this deposit is made by 31 December 2019 or the Early Bird registration price of $325 if deposit made by Jan 31, 2020!  

You may also make a deposit here if you would prefer to send us a check or make payments between now and April 15th, 2020!

If you are interested in upgrading to one of our guest house bedrooms or futons, please let us know which upgrade you want, and we will try to hold it for you!  Guests paying for the upgrade now will have priority though!  Thanks for your understanding!

Deposit - Taste of the Camino 2020, non-refundable


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