Mata'Zamo sits just beyond St. Francis Hill, one of the many "must sees" at High Hope.

Mata'Zamo as seen from the cliff.jpg

The upstairs deck faces west, towards the cliffs, perfect for evening refreshments, sunset and star gazing. Even better in the morning for coffee, teas and wildlife watching.

Mata'Zamo front door.jpg

Walk right in! These windows face east, the bunk room is on the right.

Mata'Zamo's Slow Kitchen.jpg

Our slow kitchen gives you more time to enjoy friends and family as you prepare your meals and clean up afterwards! The table is always set for four, with room for plenty more!


Relax, read, visit, play games, daydream, plan your High Hope days, or just enjoy and reflect on your visit from our comfy sofa and love seat.


Head right up the stairs to the shady upper deck and the open, spacious master sleeping loft.


A playground for the imagination, and a comfortable spot to dream of Africa and other outdoor adventures. What kid doesn't love bunk beds?



Up or down, zebra, leopard, cheetah or giraffe, where to sleep, where to sleep?

View from Bunk Room.jpg

Door open or closed, shades up, shades down, chose your privacy level between the bunk room and kitchen.

Mata'Zamo screened in porch.jpg

We've added the leaves to the table and the extra chairs for a great gathering spot on our screened in porch.

Mata'Zamo desk and library.jpg

We've filled our shelves with books about nature, and provided a writing nook!


The open windows onto the screened in porch brings even more of the outdoors into Mata'Zamo.

Mata'Zamo Main Bath.jpg

Mata'Zamo's view from the loft .jpg

The view from the top of the stairs inside Mata'Zamo.

Panorama of Master Sleeping Loft.jpg

The master sleeping loft runs the entire length of the house. The half bath means no navigating stairs at night! The queen sized bed and day/trundle bed sleep four people in three beds.

Trundle bed at Mata.jpg

There is another mattress tucked under the day bed!

The covered deck upstairs.jpg

We haven't found a picture yet that captures the feel up here!


Winter view from the upper deck.jpg

Winter view from the upper deck. This edge of the Hill Country was once covered by a shallow ocean, with dinosaurs roaming the beaches.

Mata'Zamos three stall barn.jpg

Mata'Zamo even comes with her own barn!


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