We've been enjoying life at HH Ranch since 1988, working hard to keep the land a great place for wildlife and visitors.  We are a working ranch, our neighbor moves his cow-calf herd through our pastures, we have a small goat herd and are reclaiming water and prairie by removing cedar (ashe juniper), but protecting the habitat for the endangered Golden-cheeked Warblers and the threatened Black-capped Vireo. 


We are Fossil Rim Wildlife Center's Buffer Zone


We moved to Glen Rose because of Fossil Rim, and spent a better part of 15 years dedicated to turning Fossil Rim into the center of research and conservation it is known for.  We also wanted to protect Fossil Rim with a buffer zone of open space.  That open space is now the ranch.  We've welcomed friends and workshops in the past, we are now offering our guest houses to people who want to experience the wide open life, or who want to bring a group to study or celebrate in the country.

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