High Hope History


Our own history only goes back to 1988, and we are working on meeting some local elders who will fill is in on the history before us, including the story of the families who are buried here.


IOur history is interwoven with Fossil Rim's history, as we were both once owned by the same couple.  They moved to Glen Rose having decided that what they wanted to do was make a difference for conservation.  They came for an informational visit, and ended up buying Fossil Rim from it's original owner, and lived on site for about a year.  They realized that Glen Rose would grow, so whenever there was land available around Fossil Rim, they bought it as a conservation buffer around Fossil Rim.


High Hope was their home, workshop and studio while they worked to build Fossil Rim into the professional conservation organization it is today.  Since donating Fossil Rim to the non-profit that manages it, sharing High Hope has become front and center.

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